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Welcome to the NEW world.

A virtual creation by event managers and event producers for organisations, companies, and individuals to meet on the net.

This might be for a Conference, Exhibition, Meeting or other styles of events.

We have brought together an amazing team to make this happen;

  • 20+ years experience of award-winning event management
  • 20+ years experience of creating visual content
  • A team of over 50 professional VR and AR developers around the world
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Conferences on the.net provides an almost infinite amount of virtual options for your event and conferencing needs.

  • Virtual environments with real time accessibility and customisable content for your brand
  • Live (real-time) or pre-recorded (on demand) sessions available on screen
  • Live chat tools for attendee engagement
  • Live support and help desk availability
  • Diverse resource sharing options for product or service brochures, imagery, collateral, presentations, videos and much more.
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Exhibitions on the.net is a platform from the future that will bring the extra buzz to your expo. The virtual exhibition space of Exhibitions on the.net is immersive and interactive in new ways that you might have never expected.

  • An exhibition hall virtual environment with real time accessibility, customisable to your content for your brand, complete with customisable exhibition booths and stands.
  • Product display and resource sharing available in video, 3D, virtual reality and various other traditional formats, which are also available in downloadable formats
  • Connect with exhibitors and attendees with live chat, with pre-recorded (on demand), content or request 1:1 meetings
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Meetings on the.net is a versatile space within the internet that’s fit for all different styles of smaller meetings or networking.

  • A virtual environment with real-time accessibility, customisable to your content for your brand, complete with meeting room requirements as you would need within a venue, hotel or other meeting location
  • Meeting rooms that are perfect and intimate for those smaller meeting sessions. Whether it be an interactive boardroom, round table discussion or training session for your product or service, or just a regular presentation, these options are all available
  • Product display and resource sharing also available and in downloadable formats
  • Gamification is also available, talk to our team to find out more